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Aquaswim Sand Filter 40mm Multi Port Valve Top


Aquaswim Waterco Multi Port Valve Top Half 40mm – 621449

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Aquaswim also Waterco 40MM Multi Port Valve Top Half.

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This Aquaswim 40mm filter valve top 1/2 was used in other Waterco if your filter valve is grey then you may be best in getting the complete black valve as it will replace the grey valve.

Replacing the top half when required when five years old will prevent air getting in to filter while pump is turned off also as the handle wears it will not lift rotor enough from gasket there for letting water leak down the back wash line.

This top half of the Waterco multi port valve will replace both the grey or black hexagonal valves.

Comes complete with o-ring and replacement set stainless nuts and bolts

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