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Ascon Multi Swimming Pool Solar Controller MS3D


Ascon Multi Swimming Pool Solar Controller MS3D – MS3D 30868

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Ascon Pool MS3D Solar Controller .


  • The MS3D is a standard differential solar pump controller for solar pool heating.
  • It can be used on any solar pool heating system and is designed to give you year round automatic control of your system..
  • The MS3D has pool and roof sensors that detect the sun€™s heat and compare your pool temperature to your preset €œcomfort€ temperature to decide when to heat the pool..
  • AUTOMATIC MODE For full automatic operation, simply plug it in and switch on. When the MS3D senses the sun€™s heat it compares it to the pool€™s temperature and your preset “comfort ” temperature and decides when to heat the pool. Whenever the unit is powered up, there will be a delay of 2 minutes before the solar pump is activated. The unit will then run for at least 6 minutes to reset the pool temperature sensor.
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– Ascon Pool MS3D Solar Controller .

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