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Astral VX Series Salt Cell Housing Parts


VX Series Salt cell Housing Parts – 70370 70390 70391 plus parts

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Available Options

ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
70390Astral VX Salt cell Locking nut for housing part number 70390$19.45
70391Astral VX Salt cell Housing end cap part number 70391$10.60
70370Astral VX Salt cell Housing part number 70370$65.00
Complete VX HousingAstral VX Salt cell Housing, Cap , 1 o-rings 1 Locking Nut, 1 end cap$97.20
VX Union KitOne Kit Astral VX Salt cell Coupling$63.70
Union O-Rings X 2 70003Astral VX Salt cell Housing union set O-Rings$18.10
Lockin Ring C/W CapAstral VX Salt cell Weather Salt Locking Ring & Cap$28.10
End Locking Ring O-Ring 78104Astral VX Salt cell Housing Locking Ring/Nut O-Rings$18.35


Astralpool VX Salt cell Housing parts

This is the new style housing for the new replacement salt cells.

  • Complete VX cell housing.
  • Salt cell clear housing.
  • Salt cell end cap locking nut.
  • Salt cell end cap.
  • Union O-Ring.
  • Union Tail.
  • Union Locking Nut.
  • Cell end O-Ring .

Additional information

Weight1 kg
VX Chlorinator Housing Parts

Housing Complete, Body 70370, Unions Set, Union O-Ring 2, end cap C?W Locking Ring, End Locking ring, O-Ring locking Ring, nut 70390, cap 70391

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