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Astralpool Sand Filter 40mm Multiport Valve Parts


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Astralpool 40MM Valve Suits FG E Series ECA & CA Series And RX Sand Filter Parts

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ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
75912 Spring40mm MPV Astralpool part DIVERTER SPRING (part number 13)$35.00
7590240mm MPV Astralpool part DIVERTER (part number 14) NO SPIDER GASKET This Hurlcon diverter head suits later models from September 2009 RX & E Series 40mm filters. Part Number 75902.$57.25
75916 SEAL40mm MPV Astralpool part DIVERTER GASKET SPIDER GASKET (part number 13) Suits 40mm AstralPool / Hurlcon multiport valves from 2009 - current. OD 128mm. 4 spoke "NOT APV650"$52.40
75907 Washer40mm MPV Astralpool part METAL SPRING WASHER (part number 11)$12.30
75919 Ring Large40mm MPV Astralpool part COVER ORING LARGE (part number 8) 40mm EC Filter and 50mm CA Filter MPV with Gauge$14.00
75905 ring small40mm MPV Astralpool part DIVERTER ORING SMALL (part number 10) 40mm EC Filter and 50mm CA Filter MPV with Gauge$9.70
75915 Screw40mm MPV Astralpool part SCREW$4.65
75913 nut40mm MPV Astralpool part NUT$4.65
7590140mm MPV Astralpool part TOP COVER / LID$49.00
75903 handle40mm MPV Astralpool part HANDLE$25.65
75904 washer40mm MPV Astralpool part Handle NYLON WASHER for between cover and handle$5.85
75922 Decal40mm MPV Astralpool DECAL$18.65
75911 pin40mm MPV Astralpool part Handle PIN$23.75


Astralpool 40MM ValveĀ PartsĀ .


  • This Hurlcon parts suits later models from September 2009 RX & E Series 40mm filters. Part Number 75902.
  • This 40mm valve parts will fit on the current FG,ES, ECA550, ECA650, CA280 And RX Models
  • Will also fit the. 50mm CA Filter MPV that has the gauge attached.
  • Most filter larger then 25″ have 50mm valve.
  • Astralpool Hurlcon do not keep parts after 20 years.
  • Some parts are the same in the 40mm and 50mm but not all.
Whats in the list:
40MM Valve parts.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
AstralPool 40mm 76063

Pin 75911, MPV Handle 75903, MPV Handle Washer 75904, MPV Cover 75901, Decal75922, MPV Screw 75915, MPV nut 75913, MPV Diverter Ring 75905, MPV Washer cover 75918, Diverter 75902, Diverter seal 75916, SS Washer 75907, Cover Ring Large 75919, Large Spring 75912, Top Cover 75901

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