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Badu Eco Touch 111 Econtrol Two Programable

Badu Eco Touch 111 Econtrol Two Programable – econtrol2

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Speck Badu Econtrol Two 111 Pump Controller Programable

The Badu Eco Touch II is designed to be intuitive and simple to use. The controller is designed to be used with
the Badu Eco-Touch 111 swimming pool pump. Once the motor is powered on, the installer or pool owner can enter
start times for High, Medium, and Low speeds or enter a stop time. There are sixteen (16) programmable levels.
The Badu Eco Touch II replaces the need for a time clock and can be installed either indoors or outdoors.
• Built-in battery backup (Five-year life) protects programming in case of unexpected electrical outage.
• Large backlit LCD graphic display and soft keys make set-up and programming smooth and intuitive.
• Manual Override: User will be able to change pump parameters without having to adjust preferred program
• Timed Override: User can return to programmable settings in a speciic amount of time.
• On-screen pump status updates showing current mode (High, Medium, Low and Stop) and the current date
and time.
• Unique mode feature (error codes) that provides user feedback which will reduce motor failures.

Eco-Touch 11 Manual

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