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Baracuda Kit Generic Disc with Cassette


Baracuda Kit Generic Disc with Cassette – Skirt and Cassette

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Baracuda Pool Cleaner 36 Fin Disk Plus Cassette.

  • This disk will fit Aquasphere,Zodiac G2,Zodiac Genie 3000, Zodiac G4, Zodiac New Classic, Zoom, Best Above,Pacer, Old Classic, Super Genius, Super G, Contractor, Poolrite Stingray, Poolrite Pacer.
  • The hole were it fits on to the body is 110mm diameter.
  • This Disk is suitable for Concrete, Fibre glass and Vinyl Pools.
  • This Disk is Suitable for all Baracuda cleaners (except the Best Above Ground).
  • The Cassette (Cassette is flat at each end) suits newer Baracuda model automatic cleaners including, G4,Genie, 3000, Contractor, Zoom, Aquasphere and other auto cleaners.
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In The Box –
– Baracuda Pool Cleaner 36 Fin Disk with Cassette or Diaphragm.

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