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Baracuda New Classic Cleaner Parts


Baracuda New Classic Pool Cleaner Spare Parts List and Prices

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ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
W69653-bncpBaracuda New Classic Outer Body Complete Top and Bottom PART 1$366.20
W69636-bncpBaracuda New Classic Outer Body Top PART 1 A$268.20
W69635-bncpBaracuda New Classic Outer Body Bottom PART 1B$206.95
zodiac g2 compression ringW74000-bncpBaracuda New Classic Compression Ring PART 4$15.90
W69977-bncpBaracuda New Classic Inner Body Complete PART5$402.95
96972175 - W69721CBaracuda New Classic Flexi Foot Genuine PART 6$48.95
zodiac baracuda cleaner blue foot genericCPB014-bncpBaracuda New Classic Flexi Foot GENERIC PART 6$43.50
zodiac genuine pool cleaner skirtW70179PK-bncpBaracuda New Classic Skirt PART 7$170.25
zodiac generic 36 fin pool cleaner skirtCPB006-bncpBaracuda New Classic 36 Fin Disk Generic PART 7a$36.70
bncpNew Classic Genuine 36 Fin Disk Original price was: $206.95.Current price is: $145.74.
W856525-bncpBaracuda New Classic Inner Extension Pipe PART 8$68.55
zodiac pool cleaner cassette diaphragm retaining ringW81600-bncpBaracuda New Classic Diaphragm Retaining Ring PART 9$9.80
zodiac pool cleaner diaphragmW81700PK-bncpBaracuda New Classic Diaphragm Standard Long Life PART 10 Original price was: $45.30.Current price is: $31.85.
zodiac pool cleaner diaphragmbpb029-bncpBaracuda New Classic Diaphragm Generic Standard Long Life PART 10a$28.15
W69651-bncpBaracuda New Classic Outer Extension Pipe with Hand Nut PART 11$91.85
zodiac pool cleaner medium wheelW69647-bncpBaracuda New Classic Medium Wheel Deflector PART 12$35.50
W70105-bncpBaracuda New Classic Hose Weight PART 13$17.15
Zodiac AD Flow ValveW70281-bncpBaracuda New Classic Flow Valve Complete PART 14$58.75
zodiac weir cuffW70263-bncpBaracuda New Classic Universal Cuff PART 15$20.80
baraduce slip fit suction cleaner hoseW26035-bncpBaracuda Genuine New Classic Single Hose PART 16$22.05
W26035-bncp*5Baracuda New Classic FIVE Hose Lengths PART 16$106.55
W30217-bncpBaracuda New Classic Hose Adaptor PART 17 Original price was: $9.80.Current price is: $6.10.
zodiac hose protectorW33900-bncpBaracuda New Classic Hose Mesh Protector PART 18$11.00
W70335-bncpBaracuda New Classic Hose Pluse PART 19 Original price was: $28.15.Current price is: $20.36.


New Classic Pool Cleaner Spare Parts

Please select item/s corresponding to the item number required from the diagram.

Zodiac Baracuda New Classic Spare Parts Diagram

1. Outer Body Casing7. 36 Fin Disk13. Hose Weight
1a. Outer Body – Top7. 36 Fin Disk – Generic14. AD Flow Valve Complete
1b. Outer Body – Bottom8. Inner Extension Pipe15. Universal Weir Cuff
2. Floar Chamber9. Diaphragm Retaining Ring16. Single Length Hose
3. Lead Weight Plated10. Diaphragm Standard Long Life17. Leader Hose Adapter
4. Compression Ring10. Diaphragm – Generic18. Hose Protector Mesh
6. New Classic Flexi Foot11. Outer Extension Pipe with Hand Nut19. Pool Pulse
6. Flexi Foot – Generic12. Medium Wheel Deflector

Please note some generic item colours may change due to different batches of production.

Additional information

Baracuda New Classic Parts

1- Outer Body Casing, 1a- Outer Body – Top, 1b- Outer Body – Bottom, 2- Float Chamber, 3- lead Plated Weight, 4- Compression Ring, 5- Inner Body Complete, 6- New Classic Flexi Foot Genuine, 6a- New Classic Flexi Foot Generic, 7- New Classic Skirt Genuine, 7b- New Classic Skirt Genuine, 7a- New Classic Skirt Generic, 8- Inner Extension Pipe, 9- Diaphragm Retaining Ring, 10- Diaphragm Long Life Genuine, 10a- Diaphragm Generic, 11- Outer Extension Pipe with Nut, 12- Medium Wheel Deflector, 13- Hose Weight, 14- AD Flow Valve, 15- Universal Weir Cuff, 16- Single Hose Length, 16a- Five Hose Lengths, 17- Leader Hose Adaptor, 18- Hose Protector Mesh, 19- Pool Pulse