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Baracuda Suction Cleaner Hose Tester Pool Pulse

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Suction Cleaner Hose Tester Pool Pulse – W70335

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Suction Cleaner Hose Tester ( Pool Pulse)

You may have misplaced this tool that is normally supplied with the cleaner. (normal retail is $50.) At times when your cleaner may not work it would help to know is there is enough suction to drive the cleaner. Just by placing the palm of your hand is no good as it would seem to you that the suction is good, and this may not so as your hand will just block off the water supply. By leaving the tool on the hose for 30 minutes or so you may find that the pump has started to get an air build up in the hair and lint pot ( basket strainer)which will indicate an air leak somewhere in the suction line. This is a common cause which results in the cleaner stopping after a relatively short period of operation>
  • Use this tool to check for adequate suction
Whats in the box:
– 1 x Pool Pulse


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