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Chemigem Dosing Machine Spare Parts List


Chemigem Spare Parts Listing.

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Available Options

ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
906101Chemigem M045 Peristaltic pump Squeeze Tube Assembly$102.60
9061003-vChemigem M1500 Peristaltic pump Squeeze Tube Assembly$91.80
9061002-vChemigem M1500 Peristaltic pump Squeeze Tube$102.60
astral viron rolachem acid feed tube520114-vChemical Feed Tube per Metre Use Qty to determine metres required.$11.35
chemigem sensor pH and ORP7541007-vChemigem Multi Electrode Assembly For Tapping Band GOLD Tipped ORP Sensor$465.45
chemigem sensor pH and ORP7451003-vChemigem Multi Electrode Assembly For Bayonet Band$428.70
14161306>1Chemgem Venturi Injector For D10 And DM52 (threaded)$85.30
14161301-vChemgem Venturi Injector For D10 And DM52 (Bayonet)$117.70
chemigem drum filter and non return valve245611-vDrum Filter With Non return Valve$82.05
chemigem double solenoid valve6461001-vDual Valve Solenoid for Chemigen Feeder$525.40
chemigem Y connector24561129-vChemigem Y Connector Clear For D10 And DM52 Chemical Controllers$47.80
ph calibration fluid 100ml600116-vChemigem Ph Calibration Solution 100ml Shelf Life of Solution (Unopened) is 24 Months From Manufactured Date$29.45
ph calibration fluid 200mls600117-vChemigem Ph Calibration Solution 200ml Shelf Life of Solution (Unopened) is 24 Months From Manufactured Date$55.30
14411001-vChemigem Tapping Band Complete$124.20
chemigem tee connector24561128-vChemigem Tee Connector Clear For D10 And DM52 Chemical Controllers$35.60


Chemigem Chlorine and Acid Feeder Spare Parts Listing

Please select from the listing above for the Chemigem parts you may require.

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Additional information

Weight.25 kg
Spare Parts Listing:

402111M Clamp Band, 14161027 D10 Injection Manifold, 245611 CG-Drum Filter, 24561129 Y Connector, 9061001 Pump Tube, 9061003 Squeeze Tube pH, 9061002 Squeeze Tube Cl2, 600116 pH Cal Fluid 100ml, 600113 pH Cal Fluid 200ml, 24461008 Tube per Metre, 14411001 Tapping Band, 24561128 Tee Connector, 7451003 D10 Beyonet Band, 7541007 ORP Electrode, 6461001 Double Valve, M045 Tube, Venturi Threaded

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