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Davey ChloroMatic Lifeguard & Nipper DCLG-35C Chlorinator

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Davey’s new ChloroMatic Lifeguard with the 35G Nipper Salt / Mineral Chlorinator is a complete pool and chemistry controller that offers simple, automated pool chemistry control and monitoring, is completely plug and play and is easy to install and program.


The custom, user-friendly app gives you full control over your pool system, to view and modify filtration schedules and modes, as well as allowing you to adjust set points as required. It can also be controlled locally if you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

The ChloroMatic Lifeguard controller is integrates with Davey’s compact saltwater chlorinator – ChloroMatic Nipper 35G. The products are available as a set or the controller is available as a standalone product for pool owners who already have a Nipper and want to upgrade.

The main ChloroMatic Lifeguard controller communicates with other Davey pool equipment, which connects easily through plugs on the back of the unit or through a Wi-Fi connection. If there is a Davey Heat Pump or Davey by Nirvana Heat Pump connected to the system, the ChloroMatic Lifeguard unit can also maintain the pool temperature to a set point during the filtration cycle.

ChloroMatic Lifeguard is suitable for pools up to 175,000 litres and can be used for salt or mineral pools.


Features include:

  • Wi-Fi enabled with fully integrated app (remote control can be deactivated)
  • pH sensor and acid dosing, ORP control, temperature and salt measurement for effortless pool balancing
  • ORP control to prevent over chlorination when pool cover is used
  • Next generation high performance reverse polarity cell with integrated safety flow switch
  • Boost Mode for additional chlorination during periods of heavy bather loads
  • Comprehensive multilingual user-friendly LCD interface
  • Operating Salt Level: 3,000–6,000ppm
  • Low salt options offer: 1,500-6,000ppm

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