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Davey Power Master 50-40mm Barrel Union


Davey PM350 & PMECO 50mm Barrel Union Assy. -PM 200 PM250-40mm Barrel Union Assy. -PM4503   50mm Barrel Union Assy. –
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ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
Hydra Slip 75g-1Always use a Silicon Lubricant (not Vaseline as it will allow the o-rings to stretch) makes hand tightening unions a breeze$23.25
48775B-40mmDavey Power Master PM 200 & PM 250 50mm to 40mm PUMP UNION ASSEMBLY Tail Union with O'Ring$37.25
48773B-1Davey Power Master PM350 & PMECO 50mm to 40mm pump union PUMP UNION ASSEMBLY Tail Union with O'Ring$40.80
48722B-50mmDavey Power Master PM 450 50mm pump union PUMP UNION ASSEMBLY Tail Union with O'Ring$40.80
Q5112-1Davey Power Master series pool pump 50mm union O-Ring ( both the 50mm and 40mm union take 50mm o-rings)$9.35


Power Master (Davey) 50/40mm Coupling Barrel Union Assembly. Power Master  Pump

  • Davey Power Master 350 had a union that is 50mm to pump and or 50mm 40mm to pipe.
  • Complete with o-ring tail and locking barrel.

To maintain this O-Ring use Hydro Slip (Do not use Vaseline as it is petroleum based product and will make o-rings/ rubber enlarge/stretch)

By using Hydro Slip on the PVC threads you will get a better and tighter fit. (do not overuse)

Please allow 7 days for delivery although in most cases your item will arrive in 2 – 4 days

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Davey PM Union

Union Assy 40mm, Union Assy 40mm 50mm, union 50mm, O-ring 50mm, hydra Slip 75 G