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LAING Balboa Circulation Pump with Cable & AMP Plug


LAING Balboa Circulation Pump with Cable & AMP Plug – Xylem6080u21AMP Balboa

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Laing Spa Circulation Water Pump.
  • Used in many spas & hot tubs since the mid 1990’s, such as Sundance Spas, Sweetwater Spas, Dimension One Spas, Hot Spring Spas, Southwest Spas, Sierra Spas, Heritage Spas, Lanark Spas and many others Super cheap to run – 70w power consumption 60 lpm (15 gpm) flow maximum, 6.5m head maximum (double the flow of the older SM959 model) 3/4″ barb connections E10-NSHN2W 230v, 0.3A, 65w, 50/60Hz, 3200 rpm, less than 40 db noise level Use of existing original pump cord may be required if we don’t have plug type needed. Full Australian prescribed arcticle approval no. ESV120606 for use in any spa application – filtration / heating or 24 hr ozone systems. Warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from date of sale when used with fresh water spa applications only. This pump is NOT to be used in salt water applications including marine. Ensure the pump is installed horizontal or vertical with wetend up – do not install on angles with wetend dipping downwardThis hard to obtain Laing pump is used on ozone injecting or slow water circulation to spa heating, this low running cost water pump can run 24 hours keeping the spa water always hot or warm.This circulating pump is now hard to buy at Waterways have shut down there Australian warehouse

    4 Amp 70 Watts 50-60 Hz

    The power lead has a Balboa AMP plug

    In let (suction ) is 21MM out let is also 21MM

    Computer designed impeller and diffuser allows a free flow of water for whisper-quiet efficient performance.

    Exceeds electrical standards for safe installation pool zone.

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