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Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus 5L


Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Protector Plus 5L – 60SCP5L


Salt Cell Protector Plus 5L Calcium Inhibitor That Softens HEAVILY ENCRUSTED SALT CELLS.

    €¢ Advanced magnesium based formulation (soft compound).

    €¢ As well as limiting the build up of calcium scale on salt Chlorinator cells, salt cell protector plus will soften any deposits, making them so much easier to remove..

    €¢ One treatment of LoChlor Salt Cell Protector Plus will last for approximately 5 months so for on going best results top up with 1L every monthly.

    €¢ Extremely economical product to use..<
    €¢ LoChlor Salt Cell Protector Plus increases chloride concentration in water-enhancing chlorine production..

    €¢Important Notes.

    €¢ Does not contain sulphates like Epsom salts. .

    €¢ These Sulphates can attack cement and grout, which will in turn deteriorate over time. .

    €¢ Helps protect marble sheen and exposed aggregate surfaces from scaling. .

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One 5L Salt Cell Protector Plus.


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