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Mozibats Electric Flying Insect And Mosquito Swatter With Torch


Mozibats Electric Flying Insect And Mosquito Swatter With Torch – H581

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Rechargeable Mozibats Electric Mosquito & Insect Swatter.
We know and hate Mosquitoes, Mozibats are the fun and safe way to fry them! So if your sitting or eating outside this is a unique way to control your flying pests.


  • Effective at killing mosquitoes and flying insects without the use of chemicals
  • When charged expect a minimum of ten days mozi zapping!
  • The rechargeable Flashlight alone should last 20 hour’s if used continuously
  • Safe to touch the outer layer but don’t squeeze as a small shock may result!
  • Touching the centre mesh will result in a shock but little pain.
  • Small insects who contact the centre mesh will be zapped.
  • Charge Voltage 220V/50HZ : Work voltage approx..1800V
  • Batteries high capacity rechargeable lead-acid (400ma) : expect 500-600 recharges!
  • Flashlight is removable , simply unscrew.


  • Charge initially for 4 hours before use
  • Ensure off position of switch while charging.
  • Red light will glow when power button depressed.
  • LED light switch on handle.
  • Mozi’s are easily hit in the air.
  • Fly’s are easier to zap when landed: place the mozibat to one side then sweep hitting on take off. One Down!
  • Not to be given to a child as a toy.
  • Don’t charge for more than 12 hours at a time.
  • Keep in a dry place.
  • Do not wash with water, to clean gently shake or brush away dead insects.
  • Do not use in areas of flammable gas.


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