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Paramount Pool Valet Single Head Kit White


Paramount Pool Valet Single Head Kit White – 006502471401



Paramount Pool Valet Retro Kit

Upgrade your old style Pool Valet Nozzles to Paramount’s third generation cleaning nozzle the PV3 . The PV3 Retro Kit is easy to install. Simply drain your pool, and glue in the Body adapter directly inside the existing Pool Valet fitting. Each fitting takes less than five minutes to upgrade, no tools are necessary to install the new fitting. The only tool you will need is the installation tool (004-502-5452-00-seen below) to lock your new cleaning head in place! The body adapter has a plaster flange that creates a smooth transition between your pool finish, and the fitting, making it look like it was factory installed!

The PV3 nozzle is hydraulically more efficient than it’s predecessor. It is easy to remove from your pool deck with the removal tool, and it comes with three different size nozzle caps so you can achieve optimal cleaning in your pool.

The Kit includes:

  1. Body Adapter
  2. Body Adapter Cap
  3. PV3 Nozzle
  4. Nozzle Caps

Installation of nozzle caps:

First choose the correct size this is determined by which flow you need. Place the selected cap over the top of the PV3 Nozzle and press firmly against a hard surface**. You will hear a snap when the pieces have properly locked together.

**Once the cap is locked onto the PV3 Nozzle you will not be able to remove it.

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Weight.55 kg