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Polaris Sweep Hose 380 280 180 Pool Automatic Cleaner W7230204


Polaris Sweep Hose 380 280 180 Pool Automatic Cleaner W7230204.

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Polaris Sweep Hose 380 280 180 Pool Automatic Cleaner W7230204.


  • It’s quality that makes Polaris on of the world’s leading automatic pool cleaner company. If you fit inferior, non-genuine parts, you might save money in the short term – but you’re risking damaging the efficiency, reliability and long-life of your top-quality Polaris automatic pool cleaner..
  • f your cleaner is not moving or moving slowly, check the Wheels and Sweep Hose for cracks, chips, or wear. These are common parts that do experience heavy wear from normal operation of the cleaner. Replace them when required to maintain its efficiency making your pool cleaning routine easy and worry-free..
  • The Polaris Tail Sweep Hose is used to scrub the pool surface, clean tight corners and to distribute water expelled from the cleaner to clear out and scrub debris to clean every inch of your pool. If the Sweep Hose is damaged, worn, or missing, water flow will be increased, causing water to shoot out of your pool and the cleaner not working effectively or efficiently. This is easily fixed by purchasing a new Sweep House.
  • Product Number: W7230204.
  • Suits: Polaris 180, 280, 380.
  • Genuine Polaris Spares.
  • Authorized Dealer.
  • Heavy duty chemical resistant construction.
  • Includes scrubber.
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PolarisCleaner Sweep Hose .

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