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Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Cleaner Spare Parts Diagram and Prices

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Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Cleaner Spare Parts Diagram and Prices – Polaris Vac Sweep 360 Parts

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Polaris Vac Sweep Cleaner Spare Parts Diagram and Prices

Genuine Zodiac Polaris Pool Cleaner Spare Parts
Please tick item/s to the left corresponding to the item number required from diagram

1. All-Purpose Bag W733010220. Wheel, Single Sided W543021939. UWF Connector Assembly W7530315
2. Housing Turbine, Upper W733022221. Thurst Jet Kit W723023440. UWF Universal Wall Fitting W7230317
3. Hub Cap W733021822. Sweep Hose Barb Complete W733023341. Filter Screen, UWF/QD W7230318
4. E-Clip SS W733022623. Adjustment Screw, Sweep Hose W723020742. O-Ring UWF/QD W7230319
5. Ball Bearing W733021724. Sweep Hose Attatch Clamp W723020643. Pressure Relief Valve -White W7530316
6. Tyre, MaxTrax W733021025. Base Weight W723022444. Quick Disconnect only UWF W7530314
7. Wheel, Double Sided W733021326. Hose Clamp for WMS W73024645. Hose Nut W7530320
8. Belt Kit, Small and Large W733021527. Jet Retainer W733023446. Feed Hose 6ft W7530318
9. Shield, Bearing W733023628. Water Management System W753023547. Swivel, Hose W7530313
10. Frame W733020929. Housing Turbine Lower W733022348. Float, Feed Hose W7530309
11. Screw 8-32×1/2and SS Pan Head W543022930.5 Sweep Hose Scrubbers W72302449. In-line Back-up valve W7530305
12. Axle Block Kit (Front and Rear) W543022131. O-Ring In-Head Timer/Feed Pipe Assembly W733023150. Case Kit, In-line Back-up Valve W7530306
13. Belt Divider, Transfer Pulley W543022432. Top and Base Assembly W733023851. Collar, Back-up Valve W7530312
14. Collar, Bag Tie W543010733. Feed Pipe/Timer Blank Assembly W753021052. Mechanism, In-line Back-up Valve W7530307
15. Transfer Pulley/Drive Shaft Assembly W5430221234. Float, Head W723020153. Feed Hose 1ft W7530319
16. Screw 8-32×3/4and SS Pan Head W543022835. Sweep Hose Complete W753021454. Pressure Tester
17. Lock Washer, Axle Block W543023036. Wear Rings W7230205
18. Drive Train Gear Kit with Turbine Bearing W543022037. Base Assembly W7330237
19. Turbine Wheel with Bearing W543021638. Top Housing W7330224

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