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Pool Controls SWC and XLS 900ppm Chlorinators Replacement Cell


High Quilty Australian made replacement SWC and XLS 900PPM salt cellĀ  and Spare parts

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Available Options

ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
00551343Pool Controls Replacement Cell Only SWC15$537.60
00551344Pool Controls Replacement Cell Only SWC25/XLS12 or XLS12$709.00
00551345Pool Controls Replacement Cell Only SWC35/XLS18 or XLS18$777.70
00551346Pool Controls Replacement Cell Only SWC45/XLS23 or XLS23$847.00
00551347Pool Controls Replacement Cell Only SWC60/XLS28 or XLS28$978.00
27500008 NutSWC/XLS/XLM Cell Housing Nut ONLY$35.00
27500002 HousingSWC/XLS/XLM Cell Housing Only$125.00
13161081 ORingSWC/XLS/XLM Cell O-Ring ONLY$30.00


Pool Controls SWC Series and XLS 900PPM Range. Electrolytic Cell SWC15, SWC25/XLS12 or XLM12, SWC35/XLS18 or XLM18, SWC45/XLS23 or XLM23, SWC60/XLS28 or XLM28


  • This genuine with lead will retro fit your current salt cell.
  • This robust new design features an inner housing containing high-grade reverse polarity (self-cleaning) titanium plates
    and is now connected at the cell head. Cell outputs available range between 15g/hr and 60g/hr
Whats in the box:
-Pool Controls SWC and XLS Salt Chlorinator RP Salt Cell with leads and O-Ring (NO Housing and Nut) OR Spare parts order

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Pool Controls SWC XLS Salt Cell

SWC15-Genuine, SWC25/XLS12 or XLM12-Genuine, SWC35/XLS18 or XLM18-Genuine, SWC45/XLS23 or XLM23-Genuine, SWC60/XLS28 or XLM28-Genuine, Cell Housing, Cell Housing Nut, Cell ORing