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Pool Filter Glass Filtration Fine And Coarse Media 15Kg


Glass Crystallite Filtration Fine or Coarse Media 15Kg

Please read the description below for the number of bags required.

Available Options

ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
pool filter glass media fineSF8Swimming Pool Filter Glass Media 15Kg - FINE. See Discounts at check out$45.30
pool filter glass media courseSF9Swimming Pool Filter Glass Media 15Kg - COURSE. See Discounts at check out$45.30


 Glass Filtration Media- Fine and Coarse 15Kg.

Glass media is different from other brands as it is made out of industrial-grade recycled glass was the other brand mostly use domestic recycled that has both metal and paper waste mixed together.

Please select a number of fine and coarse bags required to the left based on a 3 fine to 1-coarse ratio.

Sparkling, crystal clear pool water has never been this easy.

Number of COARSE & FINE bags required for the size of filter:
Total Bags47111823
  • Made from 100% recycled glass.
  • Safer, healthier and longer-lasting water filtration media which offers superior properties to those of silica sand
  • Filters finer, cleaner, faster and offers significant cost savings over its usable life which is at least 3 times longer than sand
  • With larger spaces between particles, it ensures more efficient water flow through the media and gives up to 25% reduction in power required.
  • Lightweight, highly angular structure provides a larger surface area resulting in improved filtering capabilities due to a negative ion charge on the media. This also ensures that there is no build-up of bacteria on the particles which assists in the restraining of algae growth.
  • Finer micron size filtering is also achieved by its deep bed and amorphous smooth particles which have a higher attrition strength. Being lightweight these are more easily backwashed resulting in less backwash time thus saving both precious water and energy.
Ask about discounts on this fine glass filter media when you purchase a filter with us.

Additional information

Weight17 kg

SF8-Fine, SF9-Course

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