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Pool Filter Media Zeolite Zelbrite


Filter Zeolite Zelbrite 15 Kg Bag – 59003

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Filter Zeolite/ Zelbrite 15 Kg Bag

The active ingredient of the zeolite is and clinoptiloliteand , a mineral with very special properties. These include an exceptionally high surface area, an infinitely extending three-dimensional cage-like structure with large internal pore spaces, and the ability to chemically capture pollutants by a mechanism called and cation-exchangeand .

These properties enable three mechanisms to interact to produce superior filtration.

First there is physical capture between particles as occurs in conventional sand filtration. Secondly there is capture of pollutants onto the very extensive surface area of Zelbrite by adsorption. Chemical pollutants such as ammonia are captured by the third mechanism of cation exchange.


  1. Minimises water wastage – higher dirt holding capacity and the ability to remove finer particles than traditional sand and DE filters provides cleaner pool water that is visibly brighter and clearer and saves water as backwashing requirements are reduced
  2. Absorbs ammonia – Zelbrite performs chemical ion exchange to absorb ammonia making the pool water safer and more appealing
  3. Effective for over 5 years – hard grains of Zelbrite ensure that it remains effective within the filter for over five years
  4. No filter modifications required – to standard sand filters to accept Zelbrite therefore can be used as an upgrade when the sand is replaced
  5. Easily recharged – Zelbrite can be simply recharged by your local pool shop to keep it performing at it’s best
  6. Minimises use of chemicals – natural ‘buffering’ characteristics of Zelbrite and the resulting lower use of disinfectants allows a lower use of chemicals for pH control
  7. Extends cell plate life – Zelbrite lowers the output required from salt water chlorinators extending the cell plate life

The result these three mechanisms working together is superior water quality not matched by traditional methods of pool filtration.

Filter Requirements:

Filter SizeZelbrite Bags
21inch5-bags / 64Kg
25inch8-bags / 109Kg
28inch11-bags / 210Kg
32inch18-bags / 355Kg
36inch24-bags / 470Kg
40inch31-bags / 465Kg

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Weight15 kg

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