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Pool Stone Water Line Cleaning Block Pool Or Spa


PoolStone Pool Spa Cleaning Block , Use On Both Swimming Pools & Spa’s


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PoolStone Pool Spa Cleaning Block.


  • PoolStone Pool & Spa Cleaning Block not only works better than your current pool tile and grout cleaner, it’s also easier to use. The block conforms to the shape of your tile and grout, providing better coverage than a regular grout cleaner. PoolStone Blocks may be used on Gunite, plaster, tile, grout and concrete of in-ground pools/spas. PoolStone is an excellent tile and grout cleaner.Get the PoolStone block and the surface to be cleaned very wet. Frequently rinse out block either in the pool or with a hose and keep wet for best results. Don’t press hard – let the PoolStone do the work. For tile, use PoolStone flat against the surfaces. For grout, begin holding the stone tilted slightly on edge. This will help it conform more quickly to the shape of your pool’s tile and grouting.Not reccomended for use on overglazed tile decorations, vinyl, acrylic fiberglass, wood or polished metal surfaces, above ground pools or plastic liners. Poolstone will restore and revive your pool tile..
  • Unlike a chemical pool and ceramic tile cleaner, PoolStone will not disturb the chemical balance of your pool.
  • Removes hard water, rust, minerals and mildew stains.
  • Chemical-free and made from 98-percent recyclable materials.
  • Cleans your pool surface faster than brushes or any other surface tile cleaner.
  • Gunite, plaster, tile and filter safe tile cleaner.
  • The PoolStone cand be used on dry or wet surface.
  • Use a clorth or water to remove residue from the clean surface.
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