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Pooldeck Replacement Moulded Tread Plus Parts


Pooldeck Replacement Step With Stainless Steel  Bolt Options

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Available Options

ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
SR Smith Tread + BoltsOne SRSmith Step WITH Bolt each end The SRSmith step is 462mm Inside (short) Length (long) Length 478mm . Each end is U shaped$133.50
60-701Two stainless steel bolt's Washers and nut's are for the SRSmith ladder tread.
64mm long 78mm Diameter
SR Smith TreadOne SRSmith Step WITH OUT stainless steel Bolts & Nuts The SRSmith step is 462mm Inside (short) Length (long) Length 478mm . Each end is U shaped to take the 38mm$113.90


Pooldeck Moulded ladder ( Use the SRSmith ladder tread) Tread Reinforced with Stainless Steel Bolts For Standard Stainless Pool Deck 38MM Tube See options

There is two methods to attach the step treads, one is with a long Stainless steel rod going from one side to the other (as with this tread set), or with short stainless steel bolts (Not recommended with plastic steps ok with old-style stainless steel treads that are N/A now).

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SS021-One Pooldeck step with Stainless Steel rod, SS021-One Pooldeck step only NO Rod, 60-701-One Bolt Set, SRSmith tread, SRSmith tread With SS Rod, SRSmith TreadC/W Bolts, Bolt