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Powerfalls Sheer Desent .1829mm Wide

Powerfalls Sheer Desent .1829mm Wide – PowerFalls-1829mm-Plus

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Powerfall Sheer Descent 1829mm Wide Lengths 25mm 152mm 228mm 305mm Nozzle Lip.

Zodiac’s patented X-Baffle design allows water to rotate through chambers to ensure even flow when released from the nozzle. This technology ensures water is spread to all parts of water feature allowing it to hold its distinctive form for up to 1.2 metres

The amount of water flow that is required to achieve the effect you desire will impact the position of the water feature. The way the water feature is plumbed will also have a significant impact on the water flow and therefore the performance of your water feature. Choose a location that’s away from wind and sun, reducing water evaporation. Also avoid any underground cables and lines that may be running under your yard.


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Weight 40 kg

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