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Quiptron Sand Filter Multi Port Valve Handle

Quiptron Sand Filter Multi Port Valve Handle – 5304100


Quiptron Multi Port Valve Handel No Longer Available
  • Description
  • Check the pin diameter (hole is 7.8MM .
  • Check the width were the rotor stem attaches by the pin to handle (31.8mm).
  • Check nylon washer this washer helps prevent wear on handle.
  • Used on S457/609/762 HRS7500 valves.
  • Check for wear as the internal valve part will not lift when you push down the handle.
  • We did have this valve top half but no longer only parts are this handle, the gasket and nylon washers under handle that also should be replace with handle.
  • This handle is/was in both black and red.


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Weight 0.5 kg