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Saltmate Salt Water Chlorinator SM & RP Series


Saltmate RP Self Cleaning  SM Standard Salt Water Chlorinator’s

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ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
SM0134-1SALTMATE Backup timer (This price is only with a chlorinator)$115.10
12V Transformer12V Light Transformer (This price is only with a chlorinator)$182.50
SM0004-1SALTMATE SMT 90 23gm/hr. suit's pool up to 50,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$794.85
SM120-1SALTMATE SMT 120 28gm/hr. suit's pool up to 80,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$819.35
SM150-1SALTMATE SM 150T 33gm/hr. suit's pool up to 120,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$990.80
SM200-1SALTMATE SMT 200 44gm/hr. suit's pool up to 180,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$990.80
SM0016-1SALTMATE Self Cleaning RP20 33gm/hr. suit's pool up to 120,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$1,322.70
SM0019-1SALTMATE Self Cleaning RP30 45 gm/hr. suit's pool up to 180,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$1,407.20
SM0022SALTMATE Self Cleaning RP 40 55gm/hr. suit's pool up to 220,000 Litre pools With Time Clock$1,554.15



  • User-friendly interface.
  • Low cost, low maintenance & suitable for most sized residential swimming pools up to 180,000L.
  • Fully adjustable chlorine control.
  • The touchpad enables complete control.
  • Oversalt protected.
  • Heat resistant circuit breaker.
  • Inbuilt cell safety gas trap.
  • The cell on/off switch.
  • Overload protection.
  • Ragged clear cell case for easy electrode inspection.
  • Large high flow rate cell assembly to suit standard plumbing 40 / 50mm.
  • Flow sensitive shutdown switch.
  • Optional battery backup.
  • Optional 12v light transformer .
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty incl. 2 Year Full Warranty on Power Pack and Cell with Further 3 Year Pro-Rata Warranty on Cell.
What’s in the box:
 SaltMate Saltwater Chlorinator.

Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions37 × 40 × 24 cm
Saltmate Chlorinator's

RP 40 Chlorinator, RP 30 Chlorinator, RP 20 Chlorinator, SM 40 Chlorinator, SM 90 Chlorinator, SM 120 Chlorinator, SM 150 Chlorinator, SM 200 Chlorinator, Battery Backup Time Clock, 12V Light Transformer