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Solar Plumbing Black Solar Pipe Plus Fittings


All you black solar plumbing fittings 40mm and 50mm

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solar heating black pvc 40mm pipe10041467-9622Black 40mm 1.0mt Length Solar Pipe.$18.35
Solar Pipe Black 50mm115013Solar Pipe Black 50mm 1.0mt Length.$21.90
Black PVC Sweep Elbow121553-9622Black 50mm Sweep Elbow.$20.80
black 90 degree elbow121352-9622Black 50mm 90deg Elbow.$13.10
black 90 degree elbow100405998-9622Black 40mm 90deg Elbow.$10.35
Black 45 degree elbow10045747-9622Black 40mm 45deg Elbow.$10.35
Black 45 degree elbow121052BBlack 50mm 45deg Elbow.$13.10
Black 40mm End Cap100401690-9622Black 40mm End Cap.$10.35
Black 50mm End Cap12652-9622Black 50mm End Cap.$13.10
Black Tee 40mm100423072-9622Black 40mm Tee.$10.35
balck pvc straight joiner100403899-9622Black 40mm Straight Coupling.$10.35
12752-50mmBlack 50mm Straight Coupling.$13.10


Pool PVC Pressure 40mm & 50mm Plumbing Fittings.

The Black Class 9 & Class 12 PVC pipe and fittings in both 40mm and 50mm is primarily used for Solar Heating purposes for swimming pool and spas. Although often used for ascetic reasons where the appearance of the pipe and fittings may matter such as in landscaping. As the colour is set into the PVC there is no chemical breakdown, chipping or fading issue associated with painted pipes.


  • Black PVC pressure fitting with fit all class 9 & class 12 pipe
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Weight1 kg
PVC Fitting:

blk pvc 50mm 1mt, blk 50mm sweep elbow, blk 40mm tee, blk 40mm end cap, blk 50mm end cap, blk 40mm 45deg elbow, blk 40mm coupling, blk 50mm 90d elbow, blk 40mm 90d elbow, blk pvc 40mm 1mt, 50mm 45 Elbow, blk 50mm coupling