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Spa Elecrics LED 12v Pool Light With 20M Cable


Spa Elecrics GK7S LED12v Pool Light Blue White Green With Cable – GKCL12 XXX


LED Surface Mounted 12v Blue/White/Green

GK7S is a surface-mounted, LED pool and spa light supplied complete with a mounting kit. Because it is a LED light it draws less electrical power, and has no globe to burn out. Available with your choice of blue, green or white for the light colour, this light is suitable for concrete, fibreglass or vinyl pools.


  • Extra low voltage: 12 volt AC.
  • Diameter: 209mm
  • Projection: 56mm (fitting stands out 56mm from pool or spa wall).
  • For use with transformers (product code LV35-12 or LV70-12).
  • Lights are supplied with a white rim and a blue light
  • Other Light and Rim colors can be selected from the options below
  • Cable 20m can be disconnected and re-connected at the back of the light.
  • IPX8 waterproof rating.
  • Supported by a 12 months Manufacturers Warranty.


    • Cable Sealing kits are required for fibreglass pools. Code GK6719
    Vinyl Liner Mounting kit is required for vinyl pools, Code GK6721

Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling,also a Choice of Rim Colors including: White, Taupe, Black, Grey or Ivory are available. The Ceramic Light Engine is available in Either blue, green, white or multi colour changing. With Simple installation and one screw mounting for ease of service, this light is supplied with 20m cable. The Unique electrical connection removes the need for the power cable to enter the light housing thereby eliminating a possible source of water entry.

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