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Spa Electrics BoostValve Lockable Eye Ball Variable Retina


Lockable Swimming Pool BOOSTVALVE Variable Retina Replacement EB RP VF


Lockable BoostValve Variable Retina Replacement .

  • This Flexible Pool Water Return suits both 40mm & 50mm Spa Electrics RTP that are lockable.
  • A new design for Spa Electrics in 2016 is the lockable 40mm 50mm eyeball the Variable Retina Return will fit. This product allows you to setup the pools re circulation system and lock the eyeball in a fixed position. Ensuring the system works efficiently not only when its commissioned, but long into the pools life.
  • THIS PART IS WHITE not as per image.
  • The All-New BOOSTVALVE Eyeball exterior features the same strong and reliable materials, styling and longevity that are a standard across the entire Spa Electrics fittings range.
  • The innovation comes with the enhanced central opening which has been designed to maximise pool circulation and performance when used with a variable speed pump operating at low speeds, When on low the speed the hole reduces and on high speed ¬†opens wider.
  • The blue colour in the image is only for ease of viewing the correct colour is clear.
  • Thanks for shopping we epools you may require more information about this part, You can use this contact us form for the best advice or help, please send photos with this form.

Whats in the box:

Swimming Pool WHITE BOOSTVALVE Variable Retina Replacement NO POOL RETURN.

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