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Spa Everdure Gas Heater Controller With Duel Air Switchs


Spa Everdure Gas Heater Controller With Duel Air Switchs – SCE02

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Spa Everdure Controller Has Duel Air Switch HIGH LIMIT Temperature Sensor With Solenoid.

This model is an electronic thermostat with high limit cut out for use with a bypass type gas heater requiring solenoid control of the water flow.

With the addition of two air operated switches,

One for control of the spa pump which is interlocked with the heater circuit and a second one for an auxiliary piece of equipment such as a blower or a light etc,

This device is used for manual operation of the spa from an Air Button: when the pump is turned on the unit will allow the heater to come on if heat is required up to a maximum user pre-set temperature of 40°C.

In addition to this user adjustable control the unit also provides HIGH LIMIT protection at 45°C, when correctly installed, by removing power to the spa pump if an over temperature situation occurs

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