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Spa Pool Remote Valve For Controlling Two Appliances.


Remote Valve For Controlling Two Appliances. – 35/20002R1 35-2VC

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Remote Valve Actuator Will Control Two Appliances.

Can drive up to 2 x Motorised Valves 24V MOTORISED VALVE CONTROL UNIT

Suitable for New and Existing Jandy and Jandy Style valve with  Actuators.

Also 4 Channel Remote and 8 Station Remotes available

The portable waterproof hand held transmitters are supplied with a Wall Holder and Function Label Set & powered by a 9 volt battery, is crystal controlled for operation within the 27MHz band. The transmitter/handset provides FM remote control on all output functions and line of sight between the receiver and transmitter is not required to operate the system.

To activate the transmitter, the selected touch-pad is depressed on the handset which is

Optically verified by a LED (Light Emitting Diode). The selected load is then operated on the

receiver/output module.

The transmitter is capable of a working range of up to 200 metres (longer on request) and does not require to be licensed.

The receiver/output module is housed in a IP33 ( Weather Proof Housing) outdoor enclosure with a lead to plug into a standard 240V power point.

Output sockets are provided on the bottom of the enclosure to enable loads such as Jandy Valve Actuator, garden lights, pool filter pumps, pool lights, to be connected.

When the receiver is connected to a standard 240V power point and the loads are “Plugged in” you have finger-tip remote control operation from anywhere – inside or outside your home, with no switch wires required.


To provide Local and Remote Control and indication of the operation of the system a local or remote hard wired module can be fitted. 2Ch Remote 4Ch Remote 8Ch Remote.

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