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Square or Rectangular Covers with Rounded Corners


Square or Rectangular Covers with Rounded Corners – Spa Hard Cover

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Square or Rectangular Cover with Rounded Corners
Vinyl Spa  Hard Covers gives you the benefits of a cover which will retain the heat that would normally be lost from your pool. They are suitable for free-standing, portable and inground spas. While at the same time giving you an attractive cover that can be made to compliment your spa surround. The covers come in several colours; Beige, Burgandy, Charcoal, Green, Light Grey, Navy and Tan. All our covers are made to order to best suit the particular size of your spa pool.
In these days of excessively increasing energy costs it is important to be as energy conscious as possible. An Epools vinyl hard cover is one of the best means of retaining heat in the pool and lowering the times required for heating the pool. So in effect it may repay itself several times over with saved energy and chemical costs!
Vinyl spa covers use marine grade materials which when treated properly will give you years of trouble free service. Please note that these covers are not weight bearing.
Max size available at this price:
– 2.6mt x 2.6mt
Manufacturers Wattanty:
– 12 Months
Foam Thickness at Centre:
– 10cm
Foam Thickness at Edge:
– 7cm
Number of Lockdowns:
– 4

Measuring your spa for a cover:

Epools Image

Below we have a diagram of what measurements you will need to take for us to complete your order. Simply enter them into the appropriately labelled box in the next column. If we have any questions we may need to contact you back.

Epools Image

If you haverounded cornerson your cover you will need to draw an imaginary line from where the gradient of the corner starts and make it to a point. Then measure the length from the point to the start of the gradient, often this will be in the 10cm to 15cm range.

Controls and Buttonsthat project over 2.4cm in height if any. Note from which corner as looking at our diagram to the centre of each button.
Please allow 10 days for delivery although as these are made to order items they may take a bit longer for manufacture.

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Weight102 kg

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