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Wall Pressure Cleaner Connectors.


Wall Pressure Cleaner Connectors. – see order 4 part number

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Wall Adaptors Used With Jet-Vac Zodiac Polaris Pressure Cleaners.

This fitting would be normally fitted on the pool wall (long side) .450 below pool top of tile line.

The four fittings are used in the following pools.

  • YMP002 Concrete pool with a female 20mm thread to take 19mm male thread.
  • YMP004 Concrete pool 40mm slip and glue to 40mm class 9 Pressure pvc pipe.
  • YMP010 Concrete pool glues inside 500 PVC pressure pipe or over 40mm pipe.
  • YMP015 Fibreglass and or Vinyl pools complete with locking nut and gaskets 40mm glues in pressure pipe.


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