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Waterco Hydrochlor 30A SC Self Cleaning Chlorinator Salt Cell

Waterco Generic Hydrochlor 30A SC Self Cleaning Chlorinator Salt Cell. – wc30rp_n-s_r


Waterco Hydrochlor 30A SC Generic Self Cleaning Chlorinator Salt Cell.

This salt cell can come with new leads attached or you can use you old push on leads rather way it is the same price (select option)


  • This cell has  a resin filled heads and attached leads, This cell Option is built this way as the original salt cells leads overheated and melted the plastic end , The resin filled ends also make the leads water proof
  • This salt cell has a new style 1.5m long lead is a replacement for the brass push on leads.
  • This is the new style salt cell that for the MK11, The ORIGINAL has 6 plates were the has a extra plate and a bit shorter but is the same over all.
  • Use your existing locking band.
  • There is seven plates on the salt cell.
  • Each plate is 60mm wide and 200mm long not 275mm like the ORIGINAL has.
  • Chlorine production with this salt cell is 30 G/HR.
Whats in the box:
Cell, Cap, With leads when selected.


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Weight2 kg