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Waterco Replacement Gravity Ceramic Cartridge


Waterco Replacement Gravity Ceramic Cartridge – 3648045

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Waterco Gravity Ceramic Cartridge Genuine  Replacement for Drinking Water Purifiers

This Cartridge Will Fit Both The 8lt. & 12lt.

  • This is the smaller of the two and is 58mm diameter.
  • The outer ceramic material filters out micro organisms and suspended solids and the activated carbon attracts water contaminants (e.g chlorine, organic pesticides and offending/tastes/odors) to its surface via €œadsorption€ (see activated carbon). .
  • TO CLEAN Simply scrape the surface with the back of a knife under running water, until the white ceramic material is visible again. This removes contamination and clogging and should be performed approximately every month or when the water flow seems to be reduced..
  • Replacement intervals depend on the water quality and the frequency of use. Under average conditions and if it is cleaned regularly, your candle should provide optimum protection up to 4 months.
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In The Box –
One Gravity Ceramic Cartridge.

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