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Waterco Supaskimmer Skimmer Box Dress Ring Extension Ring


Waterco Supaskimmer Skimmer Box Dress Ring Extension Ring – 624105


Supaskimmer Skimmer Dress Ring Extension Ring

If the skimmer is to be installed so that the deck lid will not be secured to the Skimmer Box  body, Waterco recommends using a skimmer extension ring for trouble free installation. The extension ring sits snuggle in between the skimmer box body and the deck lid dress ring and is strong enough to hold its shape during concreting, Using the Extinguishing will prevent misalignment of the Deck Ring and skimmer body.

  • Eliminate problems were concrete is intruding into the skimmer box cavity.
  • Ensuring that there are no obstructions to removing and replacing Vac Plate.
  • Extensions rings can piggybacked to provide extensions in multiples of 60mm.
  • 100mm deep
  • 293mm top diameter.
  • 288mm bottom diameter.
  • This extension ring is stack able two together is 160mm.
  • Used to cover concrete/brick that is exposed under skimmer box deck lid

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