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Winter Mesh Inground Pool Cover

Winter Mesh Inground Pool Cover – Winter Mesh Pool Cover

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Winter Mesh Inground Pool Cover
Winter grade tightly woven mesh in ground covers keep debris out but lets water through. When spring arrives, simply remove and vacuum up silt
  • All winter mesh covers should be measured wall to wall not out side coping, then we allow .300 extra in width and length .
  • Only allows rain water and silt through.
  • Available in Green or Black colours.
  • Keeps leaves out of the pool.
  • Lets water through.
  • Lightweight, durable and easliy removed for the start of the season.
  • Firmly fixed in place with easy to use non-rusting metal lockdowns.
  • Roped edge for greater cover strength.
  • 5-year pro-rata warranty.
Please Note:

When measuring the cover size, you must measure the inside edges of the pool at the waterline.

If your pool is a free form or kidney shape use the longest length measurement and the widest width measurement to give an indication from the options within this listing for a price.

If you wish to proceed then we will need to send you a measuring sheet get the measurements to get the cover made to the correct shape.