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Zodiac AX10 MX8 MX6 Pool Cleaner Factory Maintenance Rebuild Kit


Zodiac AX10 MX8 MX6 Pool Cleaner Factory Maintenance Kit – R068200



Zodiac MX6 MX8 AX10 Factory Maintenance Kit.


With the Genuine Zodiac Factory Maintenance Kit you are able to easily rebuild your Zodiac MX6. The factory tune up kit is only suited to the Zodiac MX6, MX8 Generation 1 and Generation 2 swimming pool cleaners (although instructions show Gen 2).

This tune up kit is used in both the MX8 and MX6, All parts are the same but the MX6 has only one reversing assembly called Directional Control Device Side A *******
How to tell if you have Generation 1 or 2 Zodiac MX8?
Gen 1- The serial number will start with MX.
Gen 2- The serial number will start with BC.
In The Box –
One AX10/MX6/MX8 engine.
Two AX10/MX6/MX8 drive Shafts.
Two AX10/MX6/MX8  bearings.
One MX8 reversing Assembly Side A. ( same used in the MX6)
One MX6 reversing Assembly Side A.********
One MX8 reversing Assembly Side B. (only used in MX8)
Two MX6/MX8 tracks.

Epools Sells Internationally.

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Epools sells into Unites States and its protectorates but also CanadaEpools sellsinto EU countries such as France Spain Germany Italy Greece CreteHow-ever we commonly ship swimming pool parts and equipment into the USA and Europe.

So regardless of whether you live  in California, Florida,or in European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal or Crete. We are able to get our MX8 Tune-Up Kit to you.

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