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Zodiac Clearwater D Series Salt Chlorinator Cells


Zodiac Clearwater D Series Range

Available Options

ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
zodiac lm2 lead setD Series CleawaterYou are best advised to change the leads at the time you change the salt cell.$61.80
K-D10Clearwater Zodiac D Series D10 Salt Cell 5 Solid Plates 100mm Length 10 Grams per Hour$325.35
K-D15Clearwater Zodiac D Series D15 Salt Cell 7 Solid Plates 100mm Length 15 Grams per Hour$381.25
K-D20Clearwater Zodiac D Series D20 Salt Cell 9 Solid Plates 100mm Length 20 Grams per Hour$413.65
K-D25Clearwater Zodiac D Series D25 Salt Cell 11 Solid Plates 100mm Length 25 Grams per Hour *- Also replaces the Aquasphere and EL-1 Salt Cells.$467.35
K-D30Clearwater Zodiac D Series D30 Salt Cell 13 Solid Plates 100mm Length 30 Grams per Hour$498.30


 Zodiac Clearwater D Series Range Of Replacement Salt Cells

     These are a high-quality generic product Made In Australia range of Salt Water Chlorinator Cells.

2-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Models Available:

  • D10 – 5 Plates 100mm
  • D15 – 7 Plates 100mm
  • D20 – 9 Plates 100mm
  • D25 – 11 Plates 100mm
  • D30 – 13 Plates 100mm

Additional information

Weight3 kg

D10, D15, D20, D25, D30, leads

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