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Zodiac Ei Chlorinator Housing Parts


Zodiac Ei Chlorinator Housing Parts

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ImageSKUDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
zodiac ei cell capR0768000Zodiac Ei Chlorinator - Terminal Cap$9.80
zodiac ei locking collarR0768200Zodiac Ei Chlorinator - Locking Collar$18.35
zodiac ei-18 ei-25 salt cellW197611-partsZodiac Ei Chlorinator - Ei-18 Salt Cell Click here to view Zodiac Ei Salt Cells$595.00
zodiac ei-18 ei-25 salt cellW197621-partsZodiac Ei Chlorinator - Ei-25 Salt Cell Click here to view Zodiac Ei Salt Cells$648.00
R0738500-partsZodiac Ei Chlorinator - Pod Main O Ring$12.25
zodiac ei clamp topR0767900Zodiac Ei Chlorinator - Clamp Top$14.70
zodiac ei clamp gasketR0767800Zodiac Ei Chlorinator - Clamp Gasket$14.70
zodiac ei pipe adapterR0770200Zodiac Ei Chlorinator - Pipe Adapter$7.35
zodiac ei clamp bottomR0768400Zodiac Ei Chlorinator - Clamp Bottom$14.70


Zodiac Ei Housing Parts

  • Replacement parts for EI series chlorinator housing.

Zodiac ei chlorinator cell and pod parts

Diagramn NoPart NumberDescription
1W043740 / R0768000EI Terminal Cap
2W046370 / Ro768200EI Locking Collar
3W197611EI 18 Electrode
3W197621EI 25 Electrode
4W151281 / R0738500Main O Ring
5W043640 / R0767900Clamp Top
6W043700 / R0767800Gasket
7PVC Pressure Pipe
8W043680 / R0770200Pipe Adapter
9W043630 / R0768400Clamp Bottom

Additional information


Terminal Cap R0768000, Locking Collar R0768200, Ei-18 Electrode W197611, Ei-25 Electrode W197621, Main Pod O Ring R0738500, Clamp Top R0767900, Gasket R0767800, Pipe Adapter R0770200, Clamp Bottom R0768400

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