Pump Air Swich

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Latching Air Switch Side Spout 90 degree aligned

Latching Air Switch Side Spout 90 degree aligned. PART DESCRIPTION. Latching air switch with side entry barb spout. SPST - Air pressure alternates ... more info

Part No : TBS406


Davey Spa Bath Pump Air Switch

Davey Spa Bath Air Switch. Used in Davey XS250 HF HG LSDH and XS300LS As a pool store/shop both online and in-store clients can use our return ... more info

Part No : 45592

Micro Switch For Blowers and Pumps

FREE FREIGHT Micro Switch fo Spas and Air Switches This micro switch is commonly use in the pool/spa Blower, pumps and some heaters. This micro ... more info

Part No : 1311800

Air Sensor For Air Micro Switches

Air Sensor With Small Circuit Board See Twin Photos front and Back View. This air sensor is used with equipment that is turned on by air pressure ... more info

Part No : AS007

Balboa,Dega, Onga Air Switch with Holder Sensor.

Balboa Micro Switch And Holder With Sensor Main brand users was Onga , Pentair and Dega This micro switch with holder sensor is commonly use in the ... more info

Part No : 5310003