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Robotic Pool Cleaners – The Only Way To Go has a large range of Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners. Why take the time to untangle that manual vacuum hose, plug it into the skimmer, most of the time loose prime of the pump (possibly leading to pump damage), spend the next hour trying to clean the pool floor and walls. Then just to repeat it the next week!

A lot of people use suction cleaners. This simply stops the skimmer box working to full efficiency, and forces most of the dust and debris to the surfaces of the pool for the cleaner to put back into the skimmer box, where it should have gone in the first place, or be whipped back up into the water by you trying to enjoy your pool on a hot day.

Epools robotic cleaners avoid all the messing around which you may have endured above. We have robotic pool cleaners from $750 up to intelligent remote controlled units which run on automated timer systems, which when removed from the swimming pool on their accompanying caddy leave the pool free for you to use.

So no matter what models your after from Zodiac, Dolphin, Davey and many more.

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