Drain Unblocker! Primes Pumps Removes Blockages

  • Part No: #186

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Drain Unblocker For Both 40mm & 50MM Pressure Pipes.

With the Drain Unblocker! you can prime your pool pump. The Drain Unblocker! Is a simple to use bladder pump which will prime pump, or, fill pipes with water displacing the air inside of them. All with the use of a standard garden hose.

The Drain Unblocker! (#186) comes with a special shut off valve to give you complete control of the waterflow. This means it can be easily managed by one person.

    The procedure is simple to prime a pool pump:
  1. Turn off equipment
  2. Loosen pump lid, or, set filter to bypass or recirculate.
  3. Connect Drain Unblocker! To your garden hose with the valve off. And the garden tap on.
  4. Insert Drain Unblocker! Into the skimmer box of the swimming pool.
  5. Turn valve on, and allow to fill the pump basket and allow to overflow a little.
  6. Tighten the lid of the pump.
  7. Turn off Drain Unblocker! Valve and remove from pipe.
  8. Turn on equipment and displace and residual air.
  9. When happy with waterflow. Operate equipment as per normal usage.
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- Drain Unblocker.pn: #186
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