Waterco Electrochlor Plus 30a Early Model Genuine

  • Part No: AXCL031
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Genuine Waterco waterchlor / Electrochlor Plus 30a Self Cleaning Salt Cell. For Early Model Waterco Chlorinators

Replacing your Waterco Plus 30 worn out salt cells will help ensure that your chlorinator runs more efficiently. We sell replacement salt cells for all brands of salt chlorinator.

  • Does not come with locking ring so you will need to re use the one from the old cell
  • Does not come with O ring, if O ring required please choose from options on the right
  • The use of hydra slip is highly recommended to reduce the possibility of poor electrical contact and possible damage to chlorinator
  • 6 Plates Solid Plate
  • Amperage: 30amps
  • Plate Length: 200mm long
  • The salt cell supplied may very from the image.
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  • GST included in price.
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  • Manufacturers warranties apply
Please allow 7 days for delivery although in most cases your item will arrive in 2 - 4 days