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abgal triple cell for 610 solar covers

What IS The Right Cover For You?

Solar Pool Covers – Pool Blankets – Bubble Blankets

abgal swimming pool solar cover 500 micron

What ever you choose to call these pool covers, they’re a valuable accessory to your pool. When you use a pool cover, you’ll save water, reduce chemical consumption and make it easier to maintain your pool. Solar covers have the added benefits of heating your pool too.

So it’s really not a question of ‘do I need a pool cover?’, but rather, ‘which pool cover best suits me?’. A solar cover? A leaf cover? A shut down cover? A non heating cover? A thermal cover?

Oasis solar pool covers and blankets are manufactured using the revolutionary ‘SmartBubble’ profile. SmartBubble boasts all the benefits of our original bubble shape, in a bubble that is around 20% flatter – making ABGAL solar covers more compact and easier to handle.

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What are the main benefits of an ABGAL Oasis Solar Pool Cover?

  1. Save water. The Oasis 400 and 500 micron varieties have been independently tested, and proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation.
  2. You’ll swim sooner and longer – your pool cover will increase the water temperature by up to 8°C, giving you a warmer pool, for longer.
  3. Your chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. Once a pool cover is installed, we recommend that automated chlorinators be turned down by 50%.
  4. All Oasis covers are suitable for both salt water and chlorinated pools.
  5. All Oasis solar pool covers are specially treated to resist UV damage.
  6. Made in Australia, Oasis pool covers are made from category 4 LDPE – so are completely recyclable!

Thermal Pool Covers – Heatshield

abgal 250 micron swimming pool solar cover

A thermal pool cover is an ideal choice for heated pools. Recognised as the most effective type of cover for pool insulation, it acts like a doona for your pool. Once your pool is warm, Heatshield will help retain that temperature, stopping a whopping 75% of heat loss. It will also stop around 95% of evaporation, reduce chemical consumption by half, and if your pool heater is electric, will reduce your power bill substantially.

Manufactured using a double reinforced, 4.5mm thick multi-layered construction, the water proof, closed-cell polyethylene foam gives the blanket its superior thermal resistance qualities. The impermeable base layer gives it its chemical resistance.

In a domestic environment, Heatshield carries an 8 year pro-rata warranty against UV degradation and 12 months against delamination.

Benefits include:
  1. Cut heat loss by 75%.
  2. Reducing total heating (solar, electric, gas, etc) costs by 35%.
  3. Cut evaporation by 95% reducing your chemical consumption by up to 50%.
  4. Eliminates most corrosive condensation that forms with indoor pools.
  5. Better insulating properties than a bubble blanket.
  6. Ideal for all heated pools.

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Leaf covers for above ground swimming pools

Leafstop™ Pool Covers
abgal leafstop round above ground pool cover

This lightweight and easy to use pool cover is made from a high tech, exclusively blended, micro mesh fabric that stops leaves from getting in, but allows rain water through.

As well as keeping leaves and debris out, a Leafstop cover will also reduce evaporation by around half, therefore reducing chemical use.

It has a generous overlap in excess of 300mm to allow for fitting over the pool coping and ladder – and is supplied with a marine grade stretch cord (bungee cord) which is threaded through grommets in the hem, and the cover simply stretches over the pool’s top rail like a big shower cap!.

The Abgal Pool Cover Float is an ideal way to stop leaf debris pocketing in the middle of the cover and weighing it down.

abgal cover float

The grommets are fitted at 400mm (approx 15″) spacings so you can tie down the cover and use it with a pool cover float.

Leafstop is suitable for all above ground shaped and Intex / KD style pools, and comes in a wide range of standard sizes and shapes, including keyhole, rectangular and teardrop.

For large pools, Leafstop covers can be easily ‘built’ using special modular panels. Modular panels are supplied as end and centre panels, and do require assembly.

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Keep leaves, debris and ducks out of your pool, all year-round with Pooltex

If leaves, debris, ducks and other animals are a problem in your pool, then a fitted Pooltex cover is ideal. Made of a specialist mesh fabric, these trampoline style pool covers let rain water in, but keep everything else out. Covers are custom made to order, and can be fitted to any pool shape – ladders, rocks, water features and even an infinity edge can be accommodated.

When in use, a Pooltex cover is secured to the pool surrounds with special fittings, and when the cover comes off, so do the fittings. This way there are no protrusions left on the pool edge, so when you pack the cover away, it’s completely out of sight.

Pooltex Leafstop Cover

Each cover is made with welded seams for a smooth finish and rope reinforced hem for strength. Usually easily handled by one person, a Pooltex™ Leafstop cover folds away in its own storage bag when not in use.

  1. Keep out leaves, debris and animals
  2. Prevents accidental access to the pool
  3. Easily supports the weight of a person
  4. Stops around 70% of evaporation
  5. Blocks sunlight and prevents algae growth
  6. Reduces pool maintenance and cleaning time
  7. Will reduce chemical consumption by around 50%
  8. Can reduce electricity consumption
  9. 525 x 565 Denier micron thickness
  10. High quality material, made in the USA
  11. 8 year pro-rata warranty

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